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6 Reasons ToeGrips Are The Best Choice For Your Dog

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Don’t let your dog suffer preventable slips and falls!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Dogs are people too”? While we love them like family, when it comes to lying down, getting up, and walking around the house, dogs are not people.

If your dog is slipping or struggling on hard surface floors, it’s important to understand that the best solution is a dog-friendly solution. Don’t try to solve the problem the human way—by putting on shoes, boots, or grippy socks.

Discover the top 6 reasons why ToeGrips are the best solution…

1. Maximum impact

Dogs use their nails for traction. They flex their paws and engage their nails like soccer cleats (and this is why you don’t ever see dogs slipping around on grass or carpet.) But hard nails can’t grip hard floors.

The genius of ToeGrips is that they provide dogs traction exactly at the point where they need it—on the nail tips—yet don’t interfere with the natural use of the paws.

2. Simple & natural

The most common question we get from prospective customers is: “Won’t my dog chew these right off?” The fact is—dogs don’t even notice they’re there.

ToeGrips help dogs regain confident mobility without covering the paws or interfering with their natural stride.

3. Scientifically tested

Don’t just take our word for it! ToeGrips were studied at a major U.S. veterinary school and the results were published in a scientific journal.

The conclusion: ToeGrips don’t interfere with the dog’s natural gait—a critical baseline premise that puts ToeGrips in a league of its own.

Incase you’re already convinced…

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4. Long lasting

While most other non-slip products only last days to weeks, because ToeGrips only give support where it’s needed, they last between one and three months for most dogs.

5. The get & go solution

With ToeGrips, you don’t have to dremel/shape your dog’s nails, there’s no need for extra equipment, and you don’t even have to clean your dog’s nails before applying.

Just wet each ToeGrip and fit onto the nails.

6. No gluing required

ToeGrips are the only non-slip product on the market that doesn’t require some form of adhesive.

They adhere to the nails through their patented friction fit. You can remove them to trim your dog’s nails and replace as needed.

Over 100,000 pet parents worldwide have chosen ToeGrips

Read our reviews to see how ToeGrips have helped dogs just like yours…

Game changer

I have hardwood floor throughout the house and my dog struggled getting around. Instead of putting rugs throughout the house I put these on him and he is walking happily again!! Highly recommend!!

Kristine K.

Huge difference

Recently we had our floors refinished and she was struggling at every step. Our vet recommended ToeGrips and within the first step she was more secure and no slipping! They have helped tremendously!

Stephanie N.

Confidence Builder

My senior dog has been having the worst time sliding, falling, getting up, and a dropping morale. Within two days of taking toe grips for a ride he’s doing soooooo much better. Falling less, sliding less, moving faster, and getting himself up from a fall.

Joey R.

Angela & Lilypad

Soni & Maggie

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