“…he is able to enjoy
his long walks again.”

Meet Luther, a 9-year-old Schnauzer mix

What does being an Encore Mobility dog mean? For Luther, a sweet 9-year-old dog, it means he’s able to go on long walks with his mom and dad again! But Luther’s mom, Jilly, says it better than we can.

Get to know Luther, a sweet 9-year-old dog whose life has been changed by Encore Mobility™ supplement and read the happy-ending story his mom shared…

Game changer for our senior dog!

Encore Mobility has made a huge difference for our 9 year old schnauzer mix, Luther. Before he started taking it we would notice he would be super stiff and even limp around for a minute or two first thing in the morning waiting for his legs to get going.

We had tried joint supplements in the past and nothing came close to the results we get with Encore Mobility. We noticed a difference pretty quickly and a year and a half later Luther is feeling great taking it every day. We just moved to a house where the yard is a hill.

I truly don’t think Luther would be able to run up and down it as easily as he does without Encore Mobility. He gets around great and is able to enjoy his long walks again.

Highly recommend!

– Jilly

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